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Who are we?

Canticum is group of around 35 singers, ranging in age from 16 to 80. We sing because we love making music, performing in beautiful venues and socialising on a Tuesday evening. We love welcoming new members so do get in touch if you’re a strong singer and can sight read well.



What you need to know..

FAQ for joining Canticum

When I moved to London over 20 years ago, I spent a couple of years looking for a choir to join and found that although there are a good number of small choirs in the capital, the chances of finding a musical director like Mark Forkgen are vanishingly low. He’s both extremely talented and is so good with people that rehearsals, even though demanding, are always thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling.  Not only do we have Mark, but the make up of the choir is unique.  We have a range of ages and can honestly say that we all get on so well together that concerts and rehearsals are a joy. There are no politics as you might find in other choirs, we are all equal and new members are just as likely to be asked to do a solo as old. I know a good thing when I see it and that’s why I’ve been a member for so long.  I honestly would be bereft without my choir.


1st Soprano, New members secretary

What are we looking for in new members?

Strong singers with good sight reading skills who can commit to our Tuesday evening rehearsals (7.15-9.30) and roughly six to eight concerts a year. Our members come from a range of backgrounds including those who are ex-choral scholars and current music students, and those who wished they were!  

Where do we rehearse?

St Saviour’s Church in Pimlico is our base. We meet every Tuesday evening from 7.15-9.15pm throughout the year with a break in August.  

How can I join?

Drop our new members secretary (Susan) a line using the form below.  If there’s a space, you’ll be invited to a couple of rehearsals in the coming weeks.  After your second or third rehearsal you will need to do an audition with Mark, our Musical Director, which will include singing a short solo piece and a bit of sight reading. 

If there is no space currently?

If our numbers are at maximum capacity, we’ll put you on our waiting list.  Then when we have any spaces come available we will get you along if you’re still up for joining

How much does it cost?

To join Canticum costs £155 a year, which can be broken into three termly payments. Subs are half price for under 25s.

“…Better by far to save your pennies for a Carol recording with some real Xmas Spirit – a disc by the chamber choir Canticum and their conductor Mark Forkgen. I’m happy to give it the big thumbs up not just because of the polish and refinement of the singing, but because all its profits will go to a branch of the Samaritans.”

“And surely even Ebeneezer Scrooge himself would be touched by something in the course of these 24 generous tracks.”

Ian Burnside

BBC Radio 3's CD Review

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