Outstanding vocal ensemble

London based chamber choir Canticum, enjoys a wide musical range from Renaissance polyphony to the close harmony of jazz classics and specially commissioned new works. Canticum has been a leading London choral ensemble for more than 30 years impressing audiences and critics with its mix of technical excellence and sheer musicality.

A group of around 35 singers of varying ages, we’re always looking for new concert venues and recording opportunities. As a London choir we’re lucky to be able to sing in some of the most beautiful venues in the city, but we often travel out to take part in festivals around the country and abroad.  

Roberts: Veni - VII. O Emmanuel

by Canticum Chamber Choir | In the Gloom of Whiteness

“One of our outstanding ensembles – and with a real understanding of contemporary music”

Stephen McNeff


What's Coming Up

A Shakespearean Serenade – St Bartholomew the Great 10th July 2024

As part of their 900th anniversary celebrations, Canticum Chamber Choir will be taking part in the fund raising effort with this Shakespeare inspired programme, conducted by Mark Forkgen

3rd Oct Ave Maria St Dominic’s Priory Church

a 1 hour program of Marian music starting at 7.30pm

London Chamber Choir Canticum in concert

Leading London Chamber Choir

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Joining Canticum

If you’re a strong singer and are looking to join one of the best choirs in London, we’d love to hear from you.